Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) is rooted in person- and family-centred care.  One such way to demonstrate this fundamental value is by incorporating a language, both written and spoken, that is specific, descriptive and resonates with the individuals we have the privilege to support.

The commitment of using Person-Centred Language (PCL) ensures that language choices are appropriate, respectful, life-affirming and inclusive when interacting with and referring to individuals who communicate via responsive behaviours/personal expressions associated with dementia, complex mental health, substance use and/or other neurological conditions, including their family care partners.
BSO and the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI) at the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA) work together to deliver the Person-Centred Language (PCL) Initiative. The PCL work is supported by an expert panel, including individuals with lived experience.

Hard copies of the Person-Centred Language products (e.g., commitment statement posters, word swap posters) may be requested at any time to be mailed to Ontario Long-Term Care homes by completing this form.

In partnership with the Division of e-Learning Innovation at McMaster University, we co-designed free Person-Centred Language e-Courses for individuals working in long-term care homes. The goal is to raise awareness surrounding stigma. Engaging team members in self-reflection about assumptions, stereotypes and the role of language in the provision of person-centred care facilitates the elimination of barriers for individuals living with dementia and their family care partners.
PCL available in French / Le langage centré sur la personne et les ressources de soutien sont disponibles en français!



PCL eCourse

PCL eCourse: For Team Members

Learn what person-centred language is and why it is important when supporting residents. Explore the four Commitment Statements designed to promote its use in long-term care home environments.

PCL eCourse

PCL eCourse: For Leaders and Managers

Discover helpful strategies to implement, enhance or sustain person-centred language in your long-term care home. Explore the four Commitment Statements designed to promote its use.

PCL Summary

PCL Summary: An overview of the power of words in long-term care homes

The following summary is an overview of PCL in the context of a long-term care home setting.

PCL Toolkit Report

PCL Toolkit Report

The PCL toolkit and report has background information, useful suggestions, activities, self-reflection questions and other resources to increase the use and spread of person-centred language.

PCL Pledge

PCL Pledge

Take the online pledge to commit to using more person-centred language in your daily interactions and becoming an advocate for change. The pledge can be completed individually and as a team exercise.

Word Swap Poster

Word Swap Poster

This poster supports the implementation of the person-centred language principles into practice by offering 15 words as examples to swap out in every day language.

PCL Webinar

PCL Webinar: Enhancing the Use of Person-Centred Language in Your Long-Term Care Home

This webinar shares strategies and resources to increase the use of person-centred language in your long-term care home.

PCL Webinar

PCL Webinar: Person-Centred Language Matters!

This webinar engages participants in self-reflection and discussion on why we need appropriate language and explores ways to transfer, translate and implement the concepts from the 2018 PCL report.

PCL en français

PCL en français

Apprenez ce qu’est le langage centré sur la personne. Explorez les quatre énoncés d’engagement visant à promouvoir son utilisation.

Feedback Form

PCL Feedback

Please fill out the brief feedback form to help us improve. Your opinion matters to us!

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