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The Cognitive Kitchen: A Culinary Health Intervention for Dementia Risk Reduction and Living Well with Dementia

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Toolkit to Manage the Risk of Getting Lost or Going Missing for People Living with Dementia

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Interventions for Neuropsychiatric Symptoms with a Focus on Apathy and Agitation

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Sleep and Cognitive Decline: From Mechanisms to Interventions

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Long-Term Care Worker Mental Health: The View from the Bottom

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Dementia Dialogue

Dementia Dialogue shares the stories of those living with dementia and their care and/or life partners. One of the best ways to challenge stigma and misunderstandings is to hear the stories of those living with this condition. Learn more

Dementia-Friendly Communities

The Dementia-Friendly Canada project provides educational opportunities for the general public and professionals working in the community to mobilize them to champion dementia-friendly principles wherever they go. Learn more

Learning the Ropes Foundations

Learning the Ropes Foundations is a free, interactive webinar that provides information about mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and communicates three key teachings from the Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI® program. Learn more


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Dementia Dialogue is a podcast that provides people with lived experiences a way to share their stories with the broader community. A series of Learning Guides have been created to help people with lived experience of dementia, care partners, service providers as well as others within the communi...
Learning the Ropes Foundations  If you are a person in the community living with memory decline/mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or a healthcare provider who works with people living with MCI, we are excited to inform you about a new, free, evidence-based resource: Learning the Ropes Founda...
The Landmark Study: The Many Faces of Dementia in Canada People living with dementia are as diverse as the different diseases and conditions that cause these brain disorders. In Canada, we are in danger of failing the rapidly growing number of people living with dementia and their care partners ...