Who are we?

The brainXchange™ is a network of people dedicated to improving quality of life and supports for persons with or at risk of having brain-health needs related to dementia, mental health and neurological conditions related to aging or have experienced brain health changes earlier in life that are now more complex with aging.

What makes us unique?

We focus on the national and provincial sharing of resources and knowledge through in-person and virtual exchange to support relationships among industry, researchers, clinicians, policy makers, people with lived experience, and care partners. With a membership of over 12,500 that reaches across Canada and across sectors, we use our network to bring together the best and brightest to:
  • Support the learning needs of people wanting to change practice 
  • Facilitate quick and easy access to the best knowledge for continuous quality improvement
  • Stimulate, support and share innovations
  • Build and strengthen collaborative partnerships between stakeholders
  • Foster links between stakeholders to create new knowledge and understanding

Who are our members?

  • Researchers
  • Educators
  • Care partners (paid and non-paid)
  • Policy workers
  • People with lived experience 

How can you participate as a brainXchange member ?

brainXchange™ facilitates knowledge exchange through:
  • Communities of Practice: Groups of people who are committed to each other to offer support, share learning, and develop new knowledge in order to advance practice on a specific topic.
  • Knowledge Brokers: Supports the development and nurturing of Communities of Practice.  Facilitates knowledge and creates connections between people; provides access to resources and tools; and supports innovation and change.
  • Resource Centre: Contains thousands of links to resources, people and archived events. Our goal is to create the best collection of shared knowledge and resources on a topic.
  • Knowledge Dissemination Series: Topic specific webinars or interactive knowledge exchange events.
  • Forums: A place to ask questions, have discussions, share ideas and stories.
Membership does not require a commitment in terms of time or resources.  Each member decides how and when to use the available services to best compliment their daily practice. Join now