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Let brainXchange help!

With a membership of over 12,500 that reaches across Canada and across sectors, we focus on the national and provincial sharing and dissemination of research, resources and knowledge related to cognitive impairment and mental health conditions associated with aging, to support relationships among industry, researchers, clinicians, policy makers, people with lived experience, and care partners.
We believe in learning from and by each other – we network with many partners and organizations and continuously scan for dynamic people, ideas, resources and opportunities. Our commitment is to create safe and productive environments for exchange that nurture the development of novel approaches to improvement. 

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

  • Allies / Health Care Partner Collaboration​: Leveraging our extensive partnerships amongst individual researchers, health care partners, organizations and institutions, brainXchange’s strength is connecting people, ideas and resources to network, further develop existing relationships and create and nurture new partnerships to help you achieve your goals.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement & Innovation: With over 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge of brain-health needs related to dementia, mental health and neurological conditions associated with aging, the team at brainXchange provides insight, expertise and tools to facilitate and enhance quick and easy access to current, credible and reliable knowledge for continuous quality improvement and innovation. 
  • Dedicated Support: brainXchange offers dedicated and knowledgeable support and assistance to our partners, before, during and after your achieved goals and objectives. We are committed to supporting the needs of people wanting to enhance practice and improve the lives of the people we serve.

Our services 

Webinar & In-Person Events: Produce and manage uniquely tailored events that connect to the right audience, increase engagement and facilitate knowledge translation and exchange within and between healthcare sectors. Our team can help you through all stages of the webinar process, including coordination, promotion, management, facilitation, evaluation and technical support.
Communities of Practice: We facilitate groups that promote mutual support, shared learning, and the generation of new knowledge to advance practice on specific topics related to cognitive impairment and mental health conditions related to aging. Includes: 
  • Knowledge Sharing: We provide an equitable and safe environment for Communities of Practice (CoP) members to share learning and develop new knowledge in order to advance practice in specific areas, which can lead to the dissemination of enhanced knowledge within your organization or community. 
  • Continuous Learning and Development: We provide opportunities for CoP members to learn from each other, access best practices, and stay updated on upcoming events, resources and developments. Tap into the experience of experts and peers to boost your organization or community members' growth. 
  • Drive Innovation: By harnessing the collective expertise and collaborative nature of CoPs, brainXchange can facilitate the development of new tools that address specific needs, improve processes and drive innovation. 
  • Networking: brainXchange facilitates connections and relationships among CoPs members who might not have interacted otherwise. These relationships can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships, both within and outside your organization or community. 

Knowledge Product Development: Working closely with health care allies and partners, brainXchange helps to identify promising innovations with the potential to make positive changes in the health care of older adults, leading to the development and distribution of knowledge products to move knowledge into practice. Includes:

  • Consultation and Customized Strategies: We begin by gaining an understanding of the specific knowledge needs of your organization or community. This involves identifying gaps in existing knowledge and assessing what type of knowledge product would be most valuable. 
  • Engaging Content: By utilizing our Knowledge Transfer approach, we effectively facilitate the development of knowledge products tailored to the intended audience's needs and preferences. We facilitate engagement between your subject matter experts, content creators and potential user groups of the knowledge products to ensure products are efficient, effective, and aligned with the goals of the organization or community. 
  • Access to Expertise and Lived Experience Perspectives: We create connections to tap into the expertise of subject matter experts and lived experiences by facilitating the collection of valuable insights and knowledge needed to create high-quality knowledge products. 
  • Dissemination Strategy: We work with your organization or community to design a strategy for disseminating the knowledge product, ensuring it reaches the target audience effectively. We know that reaching the right people is crucial, brainXchange has access to a vast network that includes a national, provincial and regional reach, with various established channels for disseminating knowledge products. 

Resource Centre: Custom online repositories that can be tailored to a specific audience, providing access to a wide range of current and reliable healthcare-related resources to support knowledge exchange and practice.
Collaboration Spaces: Private, password-protected online spaces that facilitate group interaction, knowledge sharing, resource exchange and the development of tools related to supporting those with dementia, mental health and neurological conditions associated with aging.

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To contact our team about partnership opportunities, email us at support@brainxchange.ca