Purpose: To engage people with lived experience in meaningful conversations and provide a virtual platform for people to connect through shared experiences.

What is lived experience?

In the context of BSO, lived experience refers to the experience of those living with dementia, complex mental health, substance use and/or other neurological conditions or the experience of being a care partner of an individual with these conditions.  Examples of care partners may include family members, friends, etc. who play or have played an active role in supporting an individual living with the above conditions.

Why join?

We believe that to improve services and create meaningful support, the voice of those using healthcare services must be heard.  Our objective is to host provincial advisory conversations which will help inform how services are designed, provided, and evaluated for people with dementia, complex mental health, substance use or other neurological conditions in Ontario.

Meeting information

The Behavioural Supports Ontario Lived Experience Advisory meets every two months through Zoom.These meetings are primarily focused on advancing the advisory’s projects and education opportunities.
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