Knowledgeable Care Teams and Capacity Building is a foundational pillar of Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO). As such, BSO is committed to the growth of care teams through the transfer of new knowledge and the implementation of best and emerging practices. In order to support this complex work and promote sustainable change, BSO has adopted the Knowledge to Practice Process Framework (Ryan, D. et al., 2013). 


Resources to support your knowledge to practice work:

Knowledge to Practice CoP
The Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Knowledge to Practice Community of Practice (CoP) brings together professionals across Ontario who have a shared passion for capacity building and fostering knowledgeable healthcare teams. You are invited to join! Click here to learn more and find out to join.

Introducing the Knowledge to Practice Planning Worksheet
This introductory document provides background information and guidance on how to utilize the Knowledge to Practice Planning Worksheet.

Knowledge to Practice Planning Worksheet
The Knowledge to Practice CoP developed a practical tool called the Knowledge to Practice Planning Worksheet to foster engagement in all stages of knowledge to practice work. 

Knowledgeable Care Teams & Capacity Building: BSO’s Path Forward within the Pandemic Context (NEW)
A resource for BSO leaders, teams and educators regarding how to continue to strengthen BSO’s 3rd Pillar of Knowledgeable Care Teams and Capacity Buildiing within the pandemic context.


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