• Build on the work of the existing community of practice for Geriatric Addictions to province-wide capacity.
  • Increase the understanding of Geriatric Addictions/Substance Use among health care professionals (including front-line) and community care partners.
  • Identify best practice treatment and supports for older adults living with substance use disorders.
  • Build on successful regional strategies, models and products (e.g. pocket guides) for older adults living with a substance use disorders and their families using the framework pillars of BSO.
  • Discuss how we can build on and strengthen these ideas through the Community of Practice on Geriatric Addictions to ensure a person and family-centred approach




Cannabis and Older Adults: Know the Facts!  NEW

A resource that provides older adults and their family members with information about Cannabis. 
  • Click here for the electronic accessible version (to read online).
  • Click here for the print-accessible version. 
For those wishing to distribute printed copies, we encourage you to use your printing vendor of choice with direction to print on 8x11inch non-glossy paper. Booklet style is the preferred print option.

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