An education/ training decision making tool and program inventory must have, for anyone interested in providing safe, quality patient-centered care for older adults with responsive behaviours.

The Behavioural Education and Training Supports Inventory (BETSI) (v 2.0; March 2019) is a tool to support decision making related to staff education/training in building capacity to care for older people presenting with responsive behaviours. The BETSI can be used to support planning during the influx of new hiring and also to adapt to changing learning needs as capacity is built within teams over time. The main focus of the BETSI is on its recommendations of formal education opportunities.

The BETSI can assist users in the determination of:
  1. Education needs for staff working across sectors with the BSO target population;
  2. Educational opportunities available and recommended across Ontario; and
  3. Program alignment with the BSO target population and BSO Core Competencies.
The Knowledge to Practice Planning Worksheet is a practical tool that has been created to guide and support educators (e.g., Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants) in responding to education requests from individuals and organizations. This worksheet is guided by the Knowledge to Practice Process Framework and will help educators and leaders plan for the delivery and implementation of one or more education programs.
The BSO Provincial Coordinating Office invites you to reach out to us with your feedback on the BETSI at

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