Research Use

Permission is REQUIRED from the Behavioural Supports Ontario Provincial Coordinating Office for the BSO-DOS© to be downloaded, printed, photocopied, distributed and used for research purposes.  Please complete the following form to request this permission. (*mandatory fields)


Step 1: Provide the following information:



Step 2: Please review and accept the ‘Terms of Use’ prior to submitting your request to use the BSO-DOS© for research purposes.

Terms of Use Agreement
I, and by extension the research institution to which I am affiliated, agree to the following terms in using the BSO-DOS© for research purposes:
  • The BSO-DOS© is and will remain the intellectual property of the Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Provincial Coordinating Office.
  • Alterations to the BSO-DOS© are prohibited.
  • A short written overview (goals, objectives & methods) or a copy of the research proposal will be provided to the BSOPCO (
  • Acknowledgement must be given to the BSO Provincial Coordinating Office as owner of the intellectual property of the BSO-DOS© in any dissemination of research outcomes including, but not limited to, any journal articles, other publications and presentations.
  • Publications and/or presentations arising from your research project will cite the BSO-DOS© article (article pending publication – full reference will be sent upon publication).
  • Research ethics requirements have been granted for your research study.
  • A copy of published research results will be provided to PCO (
  • The BSO Provincial Coordinating Office is able to acknowledge the use of the BSO-DOS© in the research study in its communications (e.g. annual report). 


Step 3: Submit your request.

The BSO Provincial Coordinating Office will consider the request and follow-up via email (within approximately one week) to grant permission.