The goal of the South East Knowledge Exchange Network (SEKEN) is to support learning collaboratives by providing and making accessible, not only the very best information, but also a way to manage resources. This network is meant to allow you - a member of SEKEN to co-create, develop and test concepts, designs, tools, resources, protocols and frameworks as well as implement new approaches and access those that others across the province and / or country have developed. It is our hope that this network is one of the many ways you can share what you know, learn from others and ultimately translate that knowledge into how we work effectively and compassionately with our clients. 

There are three collaboratives that are currently in development.
  • KFLA Behavioural Support Network
  • HPE Behavioural Supports Team
  • The Responsive Behaviour Cooperative of Lanark, Leeds & Grenville
To learn more, please contact us.

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