Event Date: Dec 09, 2020

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Healthcare practice and decision-making are increasingly data-driven, and not based on clinical judgment or simply doing what we’ve always done. Using Standardized Cognitive Screening Tools like the MMSE, MoCA and KSCAr is YOUR WAY of PLAYING A CRITICAL ROLE IN CRITICAL DECISION-MAKING FOR YOUR PATIENTS/ CLIENTS/ RESIDENTS.
In this presentation we will cover key elements to successful use of Standardized Cognitive Screening Tool including:
  1. Identifying clinical decisions to which Cognitive Screening results are essential
  2. Ensuring your administration of the tool is OBJECTIVE
  3. Demystifying what “STANDARDIZED” really means when applied to the use of Cognitive Screening tools and why is it so important
  4. Understanding the “How” and “Why” the NORMATIVE DATA are essential for interpreting your results
  5. Knowing how the results of your Cognitive Screen relate to real-world functioning of your patient

Who should attend:

People working in LTC who use standardized cognitive assessments such as internal BSO team members, BSO liaisons, and other members of the LTCH team. This will also be of interest to other health care professionals working with people living with dementia who use standardized tests in primary care memory clinics, home and community care, and acute care.


Dr. Lindy A. Kilik, Ph.D., C.Psych., Neuropsychologist, Seniors Mental Health Program, Providence Care Hospital and Queen's University