The South East Knowledge Exchange Network (SE KEN) supports the development and sharing of tools and resources developed in the South East region. 

We do this in two ways:

  • Public access to information, resources and education sessions 

  • Member-only access to learning collaboratives in each region.

The public section of the SE KEN facilitates access to resources, protocols and frameworks developed in our region and around the world by collecting them in one easy to use space.
The member-only sections facilitate the work of the three collaborative networks in our region:

  • The Lanark Leeds & Grenville Responsive Behaviours Cooperative

  • The Kingston, Frontenac Lennox & Addington Behavioural Support Network

  • The Hastings Prince Edward Responsive Behaviours Collaborative

These private groups allow members to co-create, develop and test concepts, designs, tools, resources, protocols and frameworks as well as implement new approaches and access those that others across the province and / or country have developed. It is our hope that these networks are one of the many ways you can share what you know, learn from others and ultimately translate that knowledge into how we work effectively and compassionately with our clients. 

To register for a collaborative network, please contact: Jillian McConnell, Knowledge Broker and Knowledge Mobilization Lead

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