Event Date: Sep 28, 2021

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There is widespread skepticism about the rationale for an early diagnosis of dementia and the efficacy and effectiveness of treatment interventions. A new case of Dementia arises in the world every three seconds but how many get a diagnosis let alone an effective treatment. With the global economic cost of more than 800 Billion USD, there is a very strong case for an early diagnosis which surely has multiple recognized benefits both to the individual, families and the world at large but the challenge is how to do it. 

This presentation is to enlighten the audience on early diagnosis of dementia, on how to do it, why we should do it with an overview of ‘Dementia’ as a medical condition that needs a timely diagnosis and management strategies. 

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Dr. Pradeep Arya, M.B.,B.S. FRCPsych (UK) FRCP(C), Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Queen's University