There is a lot of exciting work taking place to transform and support the Primary Care sector to better enable care for seniors with complex care needs (including those living with dementia, mental health and addictions or responsive behaviours) and their care partners. Below is a sample of the initiatives, resources and people that are facilitating change in Primary Care. If you would like to stay connected by learning what others are doing and sharing your ideas for transforming Primary Care for seniors with complex care needs, please contact us.


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About the Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Primary Care Collaborative

The BSO Primary Care Collaborative brings together individuals across Ontario who are working to further integrate behavioural supports within the Primary Care sector. Primary Care is a key partner in supporting people living with complex health care needs who are experiencing or at risk of developing responsive behaviours. The collaborative will look at ways to support innovative approaches to assessing and managing the needs of patients with responsive behaviours within primary care.