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Overview and Instructions

  • Work through the sections one at a time (You can stop at any time and return to the section you were working on by visiting the menu page on the next screen and clicking on the section you would like to return to. You can also return to the Menu at any time by clicking the Menu button on the screen you are at.)
  • At the end of each section, you will be asked to take some time to reflect what you have just reviewed and how it applies to your own practice. Taking time to work through these questions will aid your learning and help you prepare to apply for credit for your work.
  • When you have completed the module be sure to review your options for obtaining professional credits.
  • Many screens are accompanied by audio - be sure your speakers are turned on.
  • You may wish to print a copy of the slides with accompanying notes to record your own notes and to serve as a future reference
  • You will be asked to complete a case using the 10 Minute Checklist Worksheet and either a case from your practice or the provided case study 

Sections within this e-Module

  • Scope of the Issue
  • Assessment Guidelines
  • Assessing Fitness-to-Drive
  • Disclosing Your Findings
  • Reporting Unsafe Drivers & Ongoing Monitoring
  • Summary
  • Resources
  • Options for Credit


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