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Caregiver Resources

Education and Presentations



 Driving Assessment

  • Encourage families who have driving concerns to the memory clinic
  • Fitness to Drive Screen Measure
  • Caregiver questionnaire
  • Self-report questionnaires
  • Driving Assessment schools
  • CANdrive
  • DriveAble
  • Drive Again

 Alternative Transportation

  • Public and private transportation
  • Service organization transportation (e.g. St. Elizabeth’s, Red Cross)

Physicians Resources

Education and Presentations:


  • Memory Clinic assessment of capacity through cognitive testing and daily living skills
  • Geriatric Assessment Intervention Network (GAIN) Clinic
  • Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)


 Assessment Tools

Practices in other Jurisdictions

  • Yukon seniors age 70+have to get a driver's medical completed by the Dr on a yearly basis
  • Driving Licencing Policy and Practices (U.S.)