Dementia Dialogue - Podcasts feature people with dementia and their care/life partners sharing experiences that may enable their peer listeners to understand and gain insight and strengthen their adaptive skills. Care providers understand this lived experience more fully and the public becomes more aware of what it means to live well with dementia. To listen to the podcasts go to:


Mapping the Dementia Journey Series

  • Episode 1: Our series is introduced by a panel of 4 people talking about the importance of “Pumping  Up the Volume” so that people with lived experience will have their voices heard. Panelists include advocates for people with dementia and care partners, our research associate and a dementia educator. 
  • Episode 2: of the Changing and Adapting series features an interview with Guy Chadsey whose spouse Alison has dementia. Guy talks about some of the early indications of Alison’s condition and his struggle to live positively.  
  • Episode 3: Roxanne Varey has dementia and has become an advocate for creating more opportunities for people with dementia in the workplace. Roxanne has written poetry to help her understand and express some of her inner experience. 
  • Episode 4: Louise Milligan’s husband Gord was diagnosed with dementia while still teaching and raising two daughters. Louise speaks eloquently about the challenges their family faced and how she was able to use community resources to help. 
  • Episode 5: Susan Bithrey and her husband Reg were looking forward to the perfect retirement until life interrupted. Susan describes how she reframed her experience and found ways to affirm her husband’s strengths, even as they diminished. In the process, she found new strengths within herself.
  • Episode 6: Too often people can drift away, but Penny Stager has not. As a member of a large extended family, Penny has helped the family out as they supported their mother and mother-in-law and now Penny is doing what she can to support her brother-in-law, Al. ​