The St. Joseph's Health Centre Library Service

The St. Joseph's Health Centre Library provides information access and services to all members of staff and volunteers to support evidence based practice, in their clinical and non clinical fields of health care.  

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Baycrest Centre for Health Information

The Centre for Health Information is a space where Baycrest residents, patients, staff, caregivers and community members have access to reliable health information so they can participate in their care and better manage their condition or disease for better health. Through our curated educational resources, we aim to improve patient engagement and experience.
Our Centre allows you to:
  • Find online and printed health information on a variety of topics such as brain health, dementia, healthy living, and caregiving.
  • Get help with your questions. Trained staff and volunteers can help you find information and resources.
  • Receive a tailored health information package to meet your specific needs.
  • Learn about events and resources at Baycrest and in the community.
  • Access our Digital Centre computers to search for health information.
  • Enjoy comfortable seating to read, take notes, or just sit and relax.
If you are unable to visit us in-person, you can access various health-related resources through the Baycrest Health Information Portal. Topics include:
  • Dementia and Memory
  • General Health and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Safety
  • End of Life and Palliative Care
  • Caregiving
  • Home Services
Email: or call 416-785-2500 x3374 for more information.