Event Date: Mar 24, 2021

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On February 3rd, 2021, Michael Newman shared information about the Consent and Capacity Board (the CCBoard) and its jurisdiction under various statutes in the first part of this webinar series. Specific focus for that session included legal testing for capacity and evaluation with respect to treatment, admission and personal assistance services, as well as the differences between testing for capacity concerning treatment, admission and personal assistance services and testing for capacity required to execute a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Continuing Power of Attorney for Property.

On March 24th 2021, Michael will briefly review his previous presentation, explain substitute decision making, and the various types of applications that can be made to the Board. In addition, Michael will share scenarios based on his 22 plus years of experience on the CCBoard as an adjudicator that will help you deepen your understanding and application of information to matters of capacity, consent and substitute decision making.


Michael D. Newman,  B. Comm., LL.B.. LL.M. (Health Law),  Vice Chair and Senior Lawyer Member,  Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario