Event Date: Mar 31, 2021

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The Dementia-Friendly Canada project is a partnership between the Alzheimer Societies of Canada, B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Each of the partnering provinces has been successful in creating dementia-friendly communities. This project will help expand on the work being done in these provinces to create tools, education and programing that will allow for the development of dementia-friendly communities across the country. This presentation will speak to the Dementia-Friendly Canada project, including an overview of the project goals, a presentation of findings from our 2020 focus groups, an introduction to several resources that are currently in progress and a summary of next step.
This project has been generously funded by the Government of Canada, administered by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The views expressed in this presentation do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.



  • Ronan Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer Society of Canada
  • Barbara Lindsay, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer Society of B.C.
  • Heather Cowie, National Project Manager, Dementia-Friendly Canada
  • Sana Aziz, Provincial Coordinator, Dementia-Friendly Communities, Alzheimer Society of B.C. 
  • Abby Wolfe, Public Awareness Coordinator, Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan 
  • Jennifer May Vicente-Licardo, Education Manager, Alzheimer Society of Manitoba
  • Kathy Hickman, Director Education Design and Training, Alzheimer Society of Ontario
  • Susan Oster, Coordinator, Dementia Friendly Communities, Alzheimer Society London & Middlesex
  • Maggie Scanlon, Public Education Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator, Alzheimer Society Elgin-St.Thomas