Event Date: Feb 26, 2018

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The sharing of information related to one’s personhood can assist staff across all sectors in building relationships, providing personalized care, and developing care plans that are based on an individual’s history, likes, dislikes, interests and usual routines. Personalized Profile Forms, or ‘Personhood Tools’ assist in the collection and sharing of this information in a manner that is effective and user friendly. In the context of Behavioural Supports Ontario, information about an individual’s personhood also helps in the identification of potential triggers and/or causes of responsive behaviours along with strategies to reduce their incidence and better support the individual through non-pharmacological interventions.

Based on their own lived experiences, The Behavioural Supports Ontario Provincial Lived Experience Advisory developed recommendations to enhance the use of personhood tools to improve person-centered care across sectors. This webinar will share these recommendations along with discussing the importance of the use of personhood tools, types of information that are important to share and considerations for the use of these tools in different sectors


  • Sharon Osvald, Lived Experience Facilitator, South East Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) & BSO Provincial Coordinating Office
  • Katelynn Viau M.Sc., Project Coordinator, BSO Provincial Coordinating Office