Event Date: Mar 07, 2018

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Educational Goals and objectives will be based on my recent book chapter on Multiple Sclerosis published in the textbook entitled "Therapeutic Choices".
Specifically, my presentation will cover two main domains in the lecture timeslot which include: 
  1. A comprehensive overview of the underlying pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis with special attention to the relapsing remitting form of the disease.
  2. Discussion of currently available treatment strategies for the relapsing remitting form of the disease
An open forum for questions and answers in regard to the various treatments discussed that are currently available for patients with multiple sclerosis, will be provided at the end of the webinar.
This session is hosted by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada who gratefully acknowledges the support of Biogen who provided an education grant which makes possible the MS Webinar Series.



Michael P. Namaka BSc Pharm; Ph.D; EPP

At present Michael Namaka is a Tenured Full Professor at the College of Pharmacy and Medicine in the University of Manitoba. In addition, Dr. Namaka is also cross-appointed as a Professor in Rehab Medicine (Spinal Cord Injury) & Human Anatomy and Physiology in the College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Michael also is affiliated with Anesthesia Department of Medicine where he has an active clinical practice in the chronic pain clinic.
Currently, Michael functions as clinician specialized in multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic pain, with a recognized cellular expertise in both areas, through his professional designation as a neuro-immunologist. These dual professional designations have allowed Michael to bridge his cellular neuro-immunology research to his neurology based clinical practice.
Michael heads a neuroimmunology research laboratory, which serves as the training center for several MD-Ph D; Ph D and Master’s students. Dr Namaka’s neuro-immunology research laboratory is also recognized as a gene research-training center of excellence for the End MS program for the Manitoba/Ontario division of the MS Society.  Since his appointment at the University 15 years ago, Michael holds numerous research grants and has published 54 manuscripts, 12 periodicals, 2 book chapters, 1 editorial letter, 65 abstracts, and performed 159 invited presentations world-wide.  Dr. Michael Namaka was awarded the prestigious international: “Commitment to Care Award for his innovative MS research and clinical neurology practice.
In addition, Michael holds the elected office of Immediate Past President of Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada since May 2010. Dr. Namaka is a co-founder along with Dr. Karen Ethans of the Manitoba Multiple Sclerosis Research Network Organization (MMSRNO). Currently, Dr. Namaka is the acting President of this organization. Internationally, Dr. Namaka also holds the official appointment (Oct 2015) as an Adjunct Professor at the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China as well as an official appointment (Oct 2015) as a Principle Investigator to the Joint Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry between the Shantou University Medical College Guangdong, China and the College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba.