Event Date: Jun 09, 2017

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Significant declines in thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, planning, or remembering are common. They can be due to neurocognitive disorders (e.g., dementia) and a range of other conditions. Indeed, cognitive loss sooner or later affects all of us – directly, or indirectly through friends or family members. Focusing on progressive neurodegenerative diseases, the webinar will provide a reconceptualization of cognitive loss from a behaviour analytic perspective and suggest individually tailored, collaborative, and innovative treatment strategies. Behaviour analysis is uniquely suited to promote a novel and implementable vision for improving the health, independence, and quality of life for the many individuals with neurocognitive loss and their care partners.

  1. Begin to understand neurocognitive disorders and associated emotional and behavioural changes from a behaviour analytic perspective.
  2. Describe a functional approach to verbal behaviour and its application in everyday interactions with individuals with cognitive loss.
  3. Gain a general understanding of individually tailored, step-by-step functional assessment and intervention, to promote quality of life for individuals and families living with cognitive loss.
  4. Learn how behavioural analysis can be incorporated into the care of the BSO target population and obtain resources for further learning. 

Behavioural Supports Ontario & 
The Ontario Association for Behavioural Analysis Collaboration


Dr. Claudia Drossel, 
Assistant Professor & Licensed Psychologist, 
Eastern Michigan University, Department of Psychology