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Event Date: Mar 04, 2015

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

This webinar will talk about death, within the context of a diagnosis of Dementia; the expected trajectory of decline, planning and conversations that need to take place and The Final Days.

Focus will be on anticipating the needs of the family and the person with dementia, how to recognize the signs and symptoms as death nears, how to respond to difficult questions.

The personal story of one of the presenters will be shared from a personal and professional perspective: what was helpful for the person dying, the family and caregivers, the importance of Advance Care Directives and what to do when death has occurred.

This integrated KTE webinar event is brought ot you by The brainXchange in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

For questions, please contact Jillian McConnell at:

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Rachael Mierke, RN, First Link Coordinator with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.

Dr. Tim Hiebert M.SC., FRCPC general internal medicine, Palliative Care consultant and Ward Internist for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).