Event Date: Oct 20, 2011

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This event took place on October 20th, 2011. Click on the link below to watch a recording of this webinar: Person-Centered Culture from CDRAKE on Vimeo.

A champion of person-centeredness in Canada’s healthcare system, Mr. Samuelson believes that organizations aspiring to be leading-edge must develop and nurture lasting partnerships with all key stakeholders to ultimately achieve the best outcomes and maximize both quality of life and quality of care. Mr. Samuelson will discuss the vital link between organizational culture and person-centered care; the current culture versus a preferred culture for long term care; quality from the seniors perspective; the main barriers to person-centered care and how to overcome those barriers.

Prior to joining WDMH as the Vice President of Seniors Services, Mr. Samuelson held leadership positions across the healthcare continuum with over 20 years of experience at the CEO level.  He has authored over 40 peer-reviewed articles in health care management, developed and taught courses at the community college level, led workshops, written chapters for health services management textbooks, and served as an expert at numerous summits, steering committees, and legal inquiries. The author of the transformational New Directions for Facility-Based Long Term Care (CHA-2009), Mr. Samuelson is a highly-regarded speaker at national and provincial conferences.

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Karl Samuelson (MBA, BA, BEd), Vice President of Seniors Services at Winchester District Memorial Hospital