A training and development approach driven by and results in performance improvements in day-to-day practice.

This framework, developed by the South East LHIN Behavioural Supports Ontario Capacity Enhancement Working group,  brings together three foundational models of care  Person Centred Care (care that focuses on the person, rather than the illness, disease or disability, preserves autonomy and individuality, and focuses on strengths rather than losses), Interprofessional or Team Based Care (which focuses on collaborative networks of individuals, values multiple perspectives and creates a standard of care that is holistic, person-centred and effective), andService Learning (which combines content knowledge with situational experience, promotes team collaboration and exchange, requires pre-determined learning objectives, involves active reflection, is a catalyst for social change and uses learning “on the job” not in the classroom) in order to build capacity of health care teams to provide high quality care.

By shifting from problem-based learning to person-directed, team-based learning and from education to learning and development to continuous quality improvement through service learning, staff develop skills beyond clinical, with equal emphasis on person-directed care, collaboration with the person/family team, the organization and the system.

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