Train-the-Trainer e-Workshop

Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI® is aimed at community dwelling older adults experiencing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and their close relative. The focus is on optimizing cognitive health through lifestyle choices, memory training, and psychosocial support. The immediate goals of the program are to improve healthy lifestyle behaviours in all participants, memory strategy knowledge and use in participants with MCI, and adaptive coping skills in close relatives (family/friend). The overarching long term goals are to prevent or delay the onset of clinical dementia in persons with MCI and to prevent or minimize physical and mental health declines in their close relative. The content of this evidence-based program is crafted to meet the specific needs of people living with MCI based on the most current research. This workshop provides healthcare professionals with an in-depth understanding of MCI and the necessary background and training to deliver an effective group intervention targeted to the specialized needs of those affected by MCI. 

This e-workshop is led by Dr. Kelly Murphy, Dr. Gillian Rowe, and Ms. Renee Climans.



During this workshop, participants will:
  • Review how MCI differs from normal aging and dementia, and gain an appreciation of how cognitive processes are typically affected in these groups
  • Acquire first-hand experience with utilizing practical strategies for improving everyday remembering and learn how to effectively communicate this knowledge to others
  • Learn how to engage individuals in a group intervention in a manner that facilitates their ability to make behavioural changes targeted to promote positive cognitive health outcomes
  • Gain an understanding of how lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, and social involvement impact brain health
  • Develop an appreciation for how MCI impacts the lives of people experiencing the condition AND about the impact of MCI on the lives of close relatives
  • Understand how to capitalize on flexibilities built into the program protocol to facilitate skill in best meeting the needs of those served

Target Audience

This training workshop is open to licensed health care professionals such as; Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers, Doctors etc. All health care professionals must be registered with a professional body or be employed by a university or college so that there is an external organization to which the practitioner is professionally accountable.

Participant Guidelines

This training workshop is best suited to health care professionals who have experience working with older adults and who are comfortable with public speaking.

For More Information

For more information about the program, please visit:
The Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI® Resource Page on the Baycrest website

For any other inquiries about the program, you may contact:
Kelly J. Murphy, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Psychologist (Clinical Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology, & Rehabilitation Psychology),
Baycrest Health Sciences,
Assistant Professor, Psychology, University of Toronto
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology, York University & Queen’s University
T: 416-785-2500 x3184