brainXchange Webinar

Event Date: Apr 23, 2014

Changes to the Licence Renewal Process in Ontario.
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On April 21, 2014 Ontario's Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will implement a new process for Senior driver licence renewal which will include 2 cognitive screening tests. Join us for this session which will provide:

  • An overview of why driving and dementia is an important issue

  • More details from the MTO about changes to the Senior Driver renewal process (including what changes have been made, how these were decided upon and how changes will be implemented and monitored.)

  • An opportunity to learn about and share existing resources, tools and initiatives on driving and dementia for primary care, other health service providers and for individuals and families.

Who should attend?

  • Primary Care providers who will have a role to play in assessing capacity to drive and reporting results to MTO.

  • Alzheimer Society staff who provide information, support and education to those who are concerned about ability to drive and/or have had their licence removed

  • Others who work with people with cognitive impairment who may be affected by these changes

    Questions? Contact: Karen Parrage


  • Helena Haley, Senior Research Advisor, Safety Policy and Education Branch, MTO; and

  • Erik Thomsen, Senior Policy Advisor, Safety Policy and Education Branch, MTO