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Event Date: Sep 23, 2014

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The law of capacity, decision-making and guardianship governs how decisions related to property, treatment and personal care are made in situations where individuals’ decision-making abilities are in some way impaired, but decisions must nonetheless be made. This includes issues related to capacity assessment, consent to treatment and to admission to long-term care, and powers of attorney.

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) has heard concerns that the current laws governing these issues are not effectively meeting the needs of individuals who need help with decision-making, or the families and friends who most often provide that help, or of the service providers who apply or interact with these laws. The LCO has undertaken a major project to review these laws and to make recommendations for reform, and is currently conducting broad public consultations to better understand the issues and to identify potential recommendations.

This presentation will outline the concerns and priorities for reform that have been identified through the LCO’s research and preliminary consultations, and provide information about how organizations and individuals can help shape law reform in this area.

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Lauren Bates, Senior Lawyer, Law Commission of Ontario