brainXchange Webinar

Event Date: Nov 27, 2014

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Most persons living with dementia (PLWD) if given a choice would prefer to age at home in the community. This session will highlight the growing need for innovative housing options for PLWD, common support needs of PLWD and caregivers, and a high level overview of types of housing options available for PLWD. 

This session will also feature a case study on Bruyère Village in Ottawa including steps in the development of Bruyère Village, four levels of care offered at the Village with a special focus on their Cluster Care Model, and targeted supports offered to persons living with dementia and their caregivers.

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Frances Morton-Chang, MHSc., PhD(c), Gerontologist and Health Policy Researcher; and  Amy Porteous, Vice-President, Planning and Residential Programs, Bruyère Continuing Care