brainXchange Webinar

Event Date: Oct 23, 2013

The second phase of the Partnerships in Dementia Care (PiDC) Alliance’s Culture Change Process.
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In this webinar, designed for practitioners and others interested in the culture change process, we discuss how the Partnerships in Dementia Care (PiDC) Alliance is facilitating a culture change process aimed to improve the dementia care experience within both LTC home and community care settings. Guided in part by the theoretical foundations of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), the PiDC Alliance is engaging in culture change by identifying and building upon the positive experiences and strengths within each care setting. This strengths-based approach to culture change offers an alternative to the more traditional problem-oriented focus of many change processes and care approaches.

 Building on our previous webinar that focused on the Dawn phase of AI, this talk will focus on the Discovery phase of the AI process. The purpose of discovery is to identify the factors that give life to an organization and reveal the best of what is already happening. For the PiDC Alliance this translates into collecting information from a wide range of individuals within the settings about their best dementia care experiences. Drawing on examples of how Discovery was approached in diverse LTC home and community care settings, we will share strategies used to gather stories and information about the best care experiences and what gives life to these settings when they are at their best from the perspectives of people living with dementia, family partners in care, and staff working in each care setting. At the end of this webinar, participants will have a clear understanding about the importance of the Discovery phase for moving an AI culture change process forward and will be provided with specific examples they can draw from as they engage in Discovery within their own care settings.  

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Sacha Geer, PhD, Knowledge Translation Specialist, Partnerships in Dementia Care (PiDC) Alliance, University of Waterloo
Darla Fortune, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Partnerships in Dementia Care (PiDC) Alliance, University of Waterloo