Event Date: Feb 28, 2012

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CDRAKE is hosting a unique opportunity for you to engage in a 4-part Facilitated E-Learning series starting February 2012. Sponsored by the Public Health Agency of Canada and facilitated by Dr. Maggie Gibson, this series will bring depth and dialogue to the online e-learning modules for Emergency Management, Frailty, Dementia and Disasters. Together, participants will engage with the e-learning resource content, the content experts and each other in a meaningful exchange on emergency preparedness for a complex population. You will learn about Psychological First Aid in this module. There is now a second edition for this resource: Brown LM, Frahm KA, Hyer K, Gibson M. (2011). Psychological First Aid: Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes, 2nd edition. Use this link for access: http://amhd.cbcs.usf.edu/docs/pfanh2ed.pdf

Check out the Emergency Management, Frailty, Dementia and Disasters e-learning modules in advance by clicking here.

Each of the sessions in this series builds on the previous one so plan to attend all four sessions. By registering once you will be enrolled in all four sessions.