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Understanding Changes after Brain Injury

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Pharmacological Management of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Dementia: Best Practice and New Evidence

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Brain and Behaviour: How does knowing about the brain help me give a bath?

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25/05/2017 - Next phase of Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Capital Project receives LHIN Board endorsement

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25/05/2017 - South East LHIN seeking Community Representatives for Patient and Family Advisory Council

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30/03/2017 - South East LHIN Board of Directors announces new Board Member Ms. Annette Bergeron, Vice-Chair appointments Mr. Brian Smith and Mr. Chris...

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27/02/2017 South East LHIN Board Welcomes New Board Member, David Vigar

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Dementia Strategy Announcement which took place at Baycrest Health Sciences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw2ov7Vm3Lg
Use this thread to talk about painting, sculpture, photography, crafts, mixed media, installation and other visual media!  
Artist: Eilon Caspi, Ph.D, Gerontologist and Dementia Behavior Specialist Photographer: Jason R. Campbell  Eilon completed carving the brain hemisphere out of Mahogany in September 2015. The piece, which is called “Mind Over Matter,” is now displayed permanently at the Cushin...