An education/ training decision making tool and program inventory must have, for anyone interested in providing safe, quality patient-centered care for older adults with responsive behaviours.

The Behavioural Education and Training Supports Inventory (BETSI) is a comprehensive decision making framework and program inventory that will strengthen the capacity of planners to choose the most appropriate of education programs and effectively support the application of new knowledge into practice. The tool was originally drafted in 2012 by the Behavioural Supports Ontario Initiative, in collaboration with a variety of behavioural education and training experts.  In July 2017, a working group was struck to update the BETSI’s program inventory to reflect the updated list of BSO Core Competencies and in consideration of the growth in available education and training programs. An updated version of the BETSI will be available in 2019. For any questions related the updating of the BETSI, please contact


BETSI compliments BSOs Capacity Building Roadmap, assisting providers, agencies and facilities to build knowledgeable care teams who will provide the best care possible, in safe and supportive workplaces, for older adults with or at risk of responsive behaviours due to complex mental health, dementia, substance use or other neurological disorders; and their care partners. BETSI allows planners and organizations to define local education needs and decide on appropriate behavioural, health and safety education and training programs, thereby ensuring efficient use of their training resources, while notably enabling their teams to provide clients with the right care, at the right time and in the right place


BETSI assists users to determine:

  • whether they need education;
  • whether they are able to support practice change;
  • what educational opportunities are available to them;
  • the components necessary to ensure effective implementation and to sustain investments; and
  • how each program aligns with the BSO target population, core competencies and service functions.  

Who Should Use the Tool: 

The BETSI Framework should be used by those who need to make decisions about what education is required to manage and better serve older adults with responsive behaviours. Across service sectors this could include Directors of Care, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants, Educators, Capacity Building Leads, Joint Health & Safety Committees etc.

Behavioural Education and Training Supports Inventory (BETSI), 2012 version:

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